Trolls and Tribulations : Omega

Trolls and Tribulations is a cult action platformer developed in 1984 by Jimmy Huey and published by Creative Software for Commodore 64, Atari XL/XE and Apple II. The game was inspired by classics like Mario Bros and Donkey Kong and it features an excellent gameplay in wich control and strategy are equally fundamental to master the game. The unique control style and the choose of classical masterpices to serve as an enchanting soundtrack are only two of the many brilliant touches included in this beautiful platformer.Our free remake is an humble tribute of love for this little piece of “ludic” art.
We hope you’ll appreciate our efforts to keep intact the original gameplay and the addition of many improvements like 16 bit graphics, a new high quality soundtrack, some boss fights and an original ending, and even some more 😉



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New 16bit graphic style

High quality sound track

Two additional classical musics

Two selectable soundtracks (enhanced Omega version and original)

CRT shader with scanlines and screen curvature effects

Boss fights and original game ending sequence

Fully playable on Arcade Cabinet with CRT Monitor

And much more………


Download for free: